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Future CKDU programmer Merrilee Wilson and videographer Martin White, both fans of the paranormal, followed me around the studio on Saturday Dec 17th, 2011, for the Paola Harris Interview show, to see how it all goes down for a UFO junkie.  Behind the camera but also the mics, the pair demonstrated their love for creative content and even asked a few questions of their own. While Merrilee illustrated the importance of expanding consciousness in the arena of activism in the community and abroad,  Martin got the back story on both my gypsy beginnings and my inauguration into the field.  Well done guys.
Multiple Species Alien Abductee
                                                                        Alien photographer and videographer, abductee, and learned experiencer of the vast array of Extraterrestrial species encounters, Mr. David Eckhart joins the Unified Field to talk about the many ET species he's encountered, their projects on Planet Earth and his disclosure of the future of mankind.  What is is it exactly that is coming?
Listen to this incredible interview to find out.
Check out the latest from David Eckhart here... (

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SpaceX capsule docks at space station, opens new era

2012 05 28

By Irene Klotz | Reuters

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station captured the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship and guided the privately owned craft into a docking berth on Friday, opening a new chapter in the U.S. space program.

The unmanned capsule was the first commercial spaceship to reach the orbital outpost.

"This really is the beginning of a new era in commercial spaceflight," said Alan Lindenmoyer, who manages NASA’s commercial space transportation programs.

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